Counselor's Corner

Welcome to the Counselor’s Corner! 

Here are some ways that I can help to support your Sherman student and family:

Classroom Guidance Lessons

I teach lessons on social and emotional skills to all students at Sherman.  These lessons vary based upon the needs of each class.  One program that I use is called Second Step, which includes lessons on learning skills, emotion management, empathy and problem solving.  I also teach bullying prevention lessons so that students can learn to recognize, refuse and report bullying at school.  Another program I use is called Kelso’s Choice, which helps students to learn conflict management skills to solve their own problems.  I may also teach other lessons, such as goal setting, personal safety, and more as needed.  I send home letters with students to let families know which lessons their child will be learning each year.

Counseling Groups

I run a variety of counseling groups at Sherman.  Groups typically include between 3-6 students from the same grade level and work on a variety of skills.  These may include emotion management (dealing with anger, anxiety, or other emotions), social skills (making friends, solving problems, etc.) and other groups based on the needs of the students. 

Individual Counseling

As a school counselor, I do not have the resources to provide long-term individual counseling for students.  However, I am happy to meet with students on a short-term basis to help with their social and emotional needs.  I am also able to do check-ins with students on a regular basis.  I can also provide information about counseling resources in our community.


I am always happy to meet with families to discuss ways to support students.  This may include making plans for success at school, providing resources, or advising parents on strategies that may help their children.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there is any way I can support your child and/or family.


I can provide support to students as they transition between grade levels and schools, including kindergarteners entering Sherman and fifth graders moving on to middle school.  I also plan on working on some career and college programming to help students make goals for the future.

Please contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or would like support for your child.

Karen Jaskar, Sherman School Counselor - (253) 571-5442