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Name Position Email Phone Website
Administration & Office Staff
Gates-Cortez, Janet Principal  & COVID Site Supervisor 253-571-5488  
Paschich, Michelle Office Secretary 253-571-5430  
James, Danielle Office Coordinator 253-571-5466  
Staff Alphabetical by Last Name
Arbogast, Heidi Fourth Grade Teacher 253-571- 5453  
Best, Cara Second Grade Teacher 253-571-5439 WEBSITE 
Bleckert, Caroline Fifth Grade Teacher 253-571-5451  
Boyd, Julanne Fifth Grade Teacher 253-571-5455 WEBSITE 
Byrne, Ginger Education Support Professional 253-571-5443  
Cavelti, Glinida Cook 253-571-5467  
Chappell, Allison School Psychologist 253-571-5447  
Cunningham, Christine P.E. Teacher 253-571-5463  
Danil'chuk, Polina Evening Custodian 253-571-5465  
Draggoo, Betsy Third Grade Teacher 253-571-5461 WEBSITE 
Duvendack, Lisa Education Support Professional/Health Clerk 253-571-5488  
Fox, Penny School Nurse 253-571-5443  
Herdt, Jeff Chief Custodian 253-571-5465  
Hoffard, Laura Third Grade Teacher 253-571-5459 WEBSITE 
Hyneman, Walter Evening Custodian 253-571-5465  
James, Danielle Office Coordinator 253-571-5466  
Jaskar, Karen Guidance Counselor 253-571-5442 WEBSITE 
Juan, Heather Occupational Therapist 253-571-5448 WEBSITE 
Kadow, Kara Third Grade Teacher 253-571-5460 WEBSITE 
Kraig, Jonathyn Fifth Grade Teacher 253-571-5456  
Langer, Laura Speech Therapist 253-571-5468  
MacHutchin, Lachlan Second Grade Teacher 253-571-5458  
Martin, Rhonda Physical Therapist 253-571-5448  
McCall, Ana First Grade Teacher 253-571-5433 WEBSITE 
Millham, Ashley Education Support Professional 253-571-5488  
Noonan, Mercy First Grade Teacher 253-571-5440  
Nye, Anna Kindergarten  Teacher 253-571-5437  
Olin, Kirstin First Grade Teacher 253-571-5434 WEBSITE 
Palmer, Theora L.R.C. Teacher 253-571-5452 WEBSITE 
Paschich, Michelle Office Secretary 253-571-5430  
Reed, Earla Fourth Grade Teacher 253-571-5454 WEBSITE 
Robinson, Marybeth Second Grade Teacher 253-571-5441  
Rorty, Emily L.A.P. Teacher 253-571-5481  
Ross, Maggie Music Teacher 253-571-5462 WEBSITE 
Stanley, Ron Kindergarten Teacher 253-571-5438 WEBSITE 
Taylor, Britte Librarian Teacher 253-571-5464  
Thompson, Claudine Kindergarten Teacher 253-571-5436  
Watson, Dechelle "Shelly" Fourth Grade Teacher 253-571-5457 WEBSITE 
Zachmeier, Zoe Instructional Coach 253-571-5482